Thursday, January 03, 2013

Idea Distribution

Do you have the ability to push an idea. Yes push is an aggressive term, flow an idea is seemingly more ideal yet push forward.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012 - Allow yourself to be and dream bigger

Merry Christmas 2012 - Allow yourself to be and dream bigger

Victory Headwaters in hand, allow yourself to be, have, while being more to the world and community. Thank you. Off to a good start in mind and matter.

Allow the dots to connect and your desires to be. Purity is an ideal idea as the best and greatest life is.

To want what you had can never be as it should, the ideal of the ideal is new and more real.

Practice. Its a religion. Life and Love.

May your wildest dreams be true and real for 2013. Practice the ideal and the dots will connect themselves. Thank you all with my purest heart love.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Business Approach to Life

My month celebration has come to a halt. 41 years of age, when you see and hear it you are to believe that its a lot of years. From my perspective, I was skating a half pipe all month. Cleaned, worked, played, and played some more.

Cedric spoke about the animal instinct and hunger one becomes satisfied with another. I appreciate that idea as it does and has consumed my thoughts daily. I believe its what drives me. Too be calm and patient is the call to order.

I am finalizing on a commercial property that I have been considering, as usual its a roller coaster ride. The most important detail was that I had the income to invest. Another investment of principal being returned within 90 days in some proportion. I have to find out when I am able to implement gore st, do I have to have the property in my name or do I have to own it.

For me to hit my goals, I am working from a $200.00 weekly cash budget. This will provide for my weekly expenses:
1. fuel - 65
2. lunch -70
3. entertainment - 30
4. misc - 45

Its time to sacrifice. All in good time. I will focus on building:
a. body - mind and soul
b. home -
c. warehouse
d. bank accounts
e. inventory

Architecture School will begin next year around this time. Harvard for 6 weeks. I will invest the next 3 months on my Harvard application, improving empty pail to become more systematic and efficient as that ultimately provides the water.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Be True to me like never before

An accumulation:
    warehouse - 7k for roof, door, and windows
    van - 1000 value
    truck - 1100 note owed
    box truck - 1500 value
    Trailer - 50% - filled with goods to sell
    Trailer - 100% - note owed 1000 - filled with metal
    House/Commercial office - 165,000total  paid 5k; 1100 saved
    Empty Pail - $3k in receivables,
         (2) metal partnerships
         8 trailers to did; more to come
         Vending machines (3) locations = $96 every 45 days
         Great location to market billboard
          Met with first model
          2 shirts in inventory
          Marketing beginning in lancaster

Sure there are a few things missing. Yet this is the crux. Have I been busy these 2 years. Maybe, I had at one time (3) people working for me. I was able to hold and sustain it. Two are troopers, looking for another.

Had resume recreated. Not sure, the order is simpler. Used it once.

Benjamin Buffett is growing into....I see photos and videos, movie series.

My thoughts are into uniting with one. Is that the importance of life. My purpose is....billionaire playboy philanthropist.......I love to play yet the coolfittings is my ideal.

Friday, September 23, 2011

What is life. I celebrated my 40th birthday. Finished what I started represented by a piece of paper. Been home for 16 months. I guess at some point I should stop counting, although it helps with my journey. I hung out with friends and family the whole time. Earned a few dollars along the way, still determining and intending the best life. As I consider the past and intend the future, for the first time I know what I want. Yes I was hesitant yet the words are still relevant and poignant.

The days are busy as I grow my business monopoly. Appreciate time, it's the essence of life. Practice your thoughts and plant the right seeds. My home town appreciation of farmers. I am a farmer, I realize the self sufficiency of the practice. My thoughts are more realistic and full filling.

Certain wants are becoming perfections.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New thoughts, new ideals, new year.

I have been holding specific thoughts and ideals each and every day.

My body heals itself. One thought, One idea for every moment or moments. I have began reading Atlas Shrugged and it has planted and ensured some new seeds. Architecture is becoming more of a passion of mine and the world. 6 Great buildings in York has been a lofty task to enjoy. May all my ideal seeds of great men bloom in and out of me. Walt Disney each day I appreciate your animated self and the continue entertaining antics you produce and produced to this day. My great work is all that consumes me.

You are the world, I am the world. Be the world. This year 2011, would be a year of accomplishment. Ideas, business, and creations for a the best year ever:

1. BlockPost Architecture - company and magazine
2. Game theory book published
3. Keystone Trailer Manual published and used by Vo Tech
4. Building and Home Acquisition
5. 10 Audi's
6. Trip to Costa Rica, Vegas, Calif - Kasper Allison, family trip involving all members.
7. Coolfittings and Benjamin Buffett expansion

I will surely add to the list as I am not including all 13 systems yet it is only the 4 day of 2011. Branding, love and life.

May the world be blessed from my being, being.

Friday, September 03, 2010

The wonders of the world. You are the world. Be conscious of the words you choose to say to yourself and communicate to others. Meditation, clear thought, and focus. Good and great things are coming to you. Start the vibe mentally, the energy is available to you and your world. Stay steady my friend as you are about to be amazed at your world creating capabilities.

"My life" - The Game, oozing through the speakers. Keep true, hold your thoughts. Be steel. You are about to embark on another journey, a journey of all your control. Howard Roarke, Howard Roarke, can you be you - hold true to being you. Fuck the past, nothing more than mis-creation.

I sit back and I realize the fun too I have had in the "A", so who now is the A. You are my friend. Hold steady, meditate, stay focused....your worlds are being created. Whatever you want is available.

Radio Pandora - B.Buff is playing your A tunes and got you pumped. Be you bro - you have been planning all your life for the opportunities in front of you and available to you. You stayed true to your word with everyone, almost to the detriment to yourself. I and the world is proud of you. How will we show our thanks - poof - all your mental mountains are gone - what will you think about next with all that gone - Buildings, Skyscrapers, Pulitzer Prizes, and space travel.....your time is now and everyday until you decide. Until you decide.